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nooooo sasuke how could you 😭💔
i am heartbroken
i loathed sasusaku for years
how could you

So after watching the first episode of Aoharaido last week, I decided to read the series. At first I really saw potential but while approaching the latest chapters I became really disappointed. D: I seriously think that Touma is just plain selfish. Kou is quite cowardly. Futaba is stupid and dependent. The only one I like is Tanaka sensei. Now, I hope nobody is offended. I guess it just comes with the age or something but that is not how I perceive love and/or relationships. I guess that’s why I’m disappointed.

am i seriously the only one frustrated with ao haru raido
this is why i stopped reading shoujo

Roy talking on the phone with ‘Elizabeth’ (episodes 17 and 18)

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a baby sleeps in all our bones

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Me reading the new chapter.